Business Description

From all kinds of industrial sites to scenes close to us. DMC supports the future of manufacturing and living with touchscreen.

DMC aims to grow with its customers through the manufacture and sale of touch screens, and the provision of outstanding support. In addition to the manufacture of more than 100 standard product types, DMC strives for close communication with customers from the design stage to develop touch screens suitable for individual environments and conditions. DMC also offers a wide variety of optional products that reinforce touch screen functions and improve usability to offer even greater product value.


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DMC products

Resistive Touchscreen

  • Resistive single-touch type detects points touched with fingers or a pen by measuring changes in voltage. It is easy to use, and it features reliable operability. Operation with gloves or pen is possible. In addition to a single-touch type, we offer a multi-touch type that expands the range of operability.

Usage Examples
  • Teaching Pendant

  • Industrial Equipment

  • Surveying and measuring instruments

  • Service Station POS

Capacitive Touchscreen

  • Capacitive multi-touch type detects points touched by finger utilizing capacitive couplings generated by touch. It provides excellent operational smoothness, visual clarity, toughness and weatherability. We offer multi-touch type screens.

Usage Examples
  • Self-pay terminals in hospitals

  • Medical Equipment

  • Amusement Equipment

  • Digital Signage

Solution Proposal

  • We offer design-oriented and appealing services with a variety of options such as touch screen sensors and LCDs that can be selected efficiently according to the application, and customizable cover glass. In addition, by unifying the touch panel controller, we propose the best solution for your needs by standardizing applications.

Usage Examples
  • Touch panel LCD bonding

  • Touch screen with cover glass

  • Touch Panel Film


DMC Products for Life

By creating products together with our customers, our group provides peace of mind, affluence and comfort to our customers' lives. We create various solutions by giving shape to the infinite possibilities of touchscreens.

  • Medical Equipment

    DMC touchscreens are used in healthcare fields, such as treatment, diagnosis, analysis, and examination devices that feature antifouling and anti-bacterial films in order to keep the screen surface clean.

  • Digital Signage

    Public displays used for reception, advertising, and information signage feature high durability due to possibility of outdoor use.Number of touchscreens used in large signage exceeding 40 inches has been increasing.


    Touchscreen for KIOSK use has been increasing in demand, as it contributes to user-friendliness of KIOSK, which serves children, the elderly and visitors from abroad.

  • Industrial Equipment

    DMC Group's experience, know-how and long history of producing touchscreens for industrial equipment has earned strong customer trust. DMC touch screens feature stable long-term supply, long service life, and high cost performance in response to a wide range of customer needs.

  • Beverage dispenser

    Touchscreens in beverage dispenser feature stylish surface design with high transparency and design-printed cover glass so that they can be outstanding advertising displays.