Group Companies

Toward an exciting future

Contributing to society through the sustainable development of a dream company and pursuing the well-being of all the people and families involved in its business. At ASCO Group, we support the collaboration of group companies with professional and unique technologies to enhance synergy effects within the group and make it possible to create attractive products.

Combining the power of the group to make what couldn't be done individually possible. Under this slogan, DMC is contributing to society by pursuing the new possibilities of touchscreen products to create a better tomorrow.

USCO - United Seven Corporation

Back Office, ICT Support

USCO America Inc

Touchscreen product planning, sales

DMC Co., Ltd.

Touchscreen product dev,
manufacturing, sales

Seedsware Corporation

Touchscreen application products dev,
manufacturing, sales

Unitec Co., Ltd

Touchscreen application technology dev,
product dev

Retrus Inc.

Used Trucks, Leases, Rebuilt Reparts


DPF Cleaning Service