CEO Message

President & CEO,
DMC Co.,. Ltd.
Tatsuya Sada

Achieving stable growth in the industrial equipment industry

DMC was founded in 1973 as a manufacturer of artwork materials for printed substrates, a major aspect of TVs, computers and other electronic equipment, and expanded its business in the industrial equipment industry. Always striving to meet the needs of the times, we shifted our focus from the manufacture of semiconductor-related products to touch screens in 1991. Today, DMC has expanded its touch screen manufacturing business to markets around the globe.

Touch screens have become an essential part of our daily lives through expanded use in information devices such as smart phones, ATMs, and ticket machines at stations and restaurants. Meanwhile, with the expansion of IT solution services, the application of touch screens is expected to grow even further. To meet this anticipated need, DMC has established a business model that prioritizes long-term stable supply based on large item/ low-volume production to satisfy the industrial equipment industry.

Prioritizing the stable supply of products

Touch screens are classified into two major types. One is the resistive touch screen that finds broad application across many industries, and the other is capacitive touch screens, whose market has seen rapid growth due to the popularization of smart phones. DMC manufactures both types. It has a long history of resistive touch screens that offer excellent technical capability, and its capacitive touch screens have become increasingly popular. These are a strong competitor in the large-size market, which gives DMC potential for continued expansion.

DMC manufacturing sites in Fukushima were significantly damaged in the Great East Japan Earthquake. The damage interrupted business at the Fukushima Plant (in Hirono-machi, Futaba-gun) and forced us to move operations to our base in Shirakawa. Helping to mitigate the damage caused by the earthquake was the DMC manufacturing base in Indonesia established in the 1990s to disperse risks and prevent critical damage. DMC exports 40% of its total production to major countries in Europe, Asia, and North America, and we have established trusting relationships with these markets by ensuring the stable supply of touch screens required in their final products. Keeping this in mind, we exert our best effort to maintaining a reliable system that enables business continuity and reinforces both domestic and overseas supply chains to satisfy customer needs.