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New product, DUS-L series was released.

3.Jun, 2015

DUS-L series is the projected capacitive touch screen with covering glass.

While covering glass has been available with DUS touch screen but only for customization, DUS-L touch screens come with covering glass as standard.

  • Standard lineup from 7in wide to 21.5in wide
  • No development cost required
  • Supply in small lot quantity supported.
  • Covering glass thickness 1.8mm, clear surface finish, and chemically-strengthened
  • Less-visible electrode patterning with index matching
General Specifications
Operating Life Over 50 million touches
Surface Hardness 5H
Light Transmittance 90%
Operating Temperature -20°C to 70°C
FPCMaterial Polyimide
Surface Finish Clear/Index matching

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