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New Film/Film PCAP Touch Screen ”DUS-V Series” will be released.

1.Aug, 2019

DMC will release new product, “DUS-V Series” on August 19th, 2019.

“DUS-V Series” is a Film/Film structure touch screen that is usually used for consumer products like smartphones, due to its thinness and lightweight.

COF (*Note 1) controller is specifically developed to be compact and it supports USB and I2C interfaces. Since the cover glass is bonded as standard specification, “DUS-V Series” is an all-in-one product in which the sensor, cover glass and controller are integrated.

We will release 10.1” wide this time. And 2 other sizes (7” wide and 4.3” wide) will be released this year.

*Note 1 = Chip on Flexible. Structure to mount a semiconductor chip on FPC.

Product page is here.

If you would like more information about “DUS-V Series”, please feel free to contact us from contact us.

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