News/ Press Release

About new Shirakawa Factory

25.Oct, 2019

Dear clients,

We are pleased to announce to you today that DMC has completed the expansion of the current Shirakawa Factory the 2nd in Japan. The purpose of the expansion is to increase the product capacity to meet growing demand from the market.The new factory theoretically is designed to accommodate 4 times of the current capacity.

Along with this event, the current Shirakawa Factory the 1st that is located in the neighborhood has been closed and integrated to the new factory as of September 2nd. The integrated factory is called officially “DMC Shirakawa Factory”.

Click here for the new address of Shirakawa Factory.

We will be further continuing of our efforts of increasing our supply capability as touch screen specialized maker to contribute our clients.

We look forward to serving you with improved performance.

Sincerely yours.
DMC Co., Ltd.