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LST/MTR-G series: Design Change Notification.

10.Apr, 2020

Dear Customer

Please be notified that we will change 10.4 and smaller products of MTR-G and LST series from A type (with air-vent) to B type (without air-vent) in order to improve operability.

1. Products to be changed.
Series Size(inch) Current Product NO. New Product NO.
LST 5.7 LST-057A080A LST-057B080A
6.5 LST-065A080A LST-065B080A
7.0W LST-070WA080A LST-070WB080A
8.4 LST-084A080A LST-084B080A
9.0W LST-090WA080A LST-090WB080A
10.1W LST-101WA080A LST-101WB080A
10.4 LST-104A080A LST-104B080A
MTR-G 5.7 MTR-G057A070A MTR-G057B070A
7.0W MTR-G070WA070A MTR-G070WB070A
8.4 MTR-G084A070A MTR-G084B070A
10.1W MTR-G101WA100B MTR-G101WB100B
10.4 MTR-G104A100B MTR-G104B100B
2. Schedule

B type is going to be released as the following schedule.
Available for order: from April 13th, 2020. (Mon)
Shipment starts: from June 29th, 2020. (Mon)

A type is going to be EOL as the following schedule.
Last time buy order date: September 4th, 2020. (Fri)
Last time shipment date: December 18th, 2020. (Fri)

Note: This change is for improving the performance within current specification.

There will be no change in the specification sheet.