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New Resistive 4-wire gesture controller TSC-52 will be released.

30.Sep, 2020

DMC will release the TSC-52/IC gesture inputting controller IC for resistive touch screens on Sep 30, 2020.

TSC-52/IC is used to realize gesture functions with 2-finger combined with the light load 4-wire resistive touch screen LST series.

The conventional resistive controller detects only one(1) point touched with a finger, but this product allows flick/pinch-in/pinch-out/rotation gesture using two(2) fingers. So light-touch feeling and intuitive operation like smartphone is available.

This function makes it possible to browse PDF documents, CAD drawings, maps, etc… even at Industrial sites that employ a resistive touch screen, and the resistive type can be used at a reasonable price compared to the capacitive type touch screen. We were able to greatly expand the possibilities.

This product can also be supplied as rigid board in addition to as IC.