News/ Press Release

Resistive controller board TSC-52/U has released.

30.Oct, 2020

Dear Customer

DMC has started to accept orders for TSC-52/U, resistive touch controller board with gesture function. (Shipment will start in December).

The controller is PCBA mounted with TSC-52/IC we have released recently ( Pin pitch of the mounted connector is 1.25mm and can be used with LST touch sensor series (except for LST-S043WA060A whose pin pitch is 1.00mm). Supported I/F is USB.

We have plan to release another PCBA product, TSC-52/U-F whose connector is 1.00mm pitch soon.

In commemoration of the launch this time, we are also happy to inform you that we will prepare 30pcs free samples to give out.

For more detail please contact our Corporate Sales Department.