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Antivirus and Antibacterial film “FV Series” new variation, Anti-glare type and Overlay structure type

17.Aug, 2021

For the Antivirus and Antibacterial film "FV series" (since August 2020), becomes selectable between conventional Clear type and Anti-glare type, for all existing FV series production.

In addition, we are releasing Overlay structure type (188μm) for customization that covers and attaches over the resistive touch screen.

This makes it possible to embedded Antivirus and Antibacterial resistive touch screen with fully flat state.

Please contact our sales for this customization details.

Note: RIKEGUARDR is a registered trademark of RIKEN TECHNOS CORP.
These aren’t medica products and not guaranteed to make virus inactive or decrease bacteria. Antivirus processing is not intended for diseases cure and preventions.
The chemicals applied on the films of FV series are subject to Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) and cannot be exported to Europe.