Capacitive multi-touch type series features touch screens that are similar to the screens commonly used on smartphones. They are capable of multi-touch gesture operations.



DMC can combine and design touch screens according to purpose. Such customization is available for both high- and low-volume production. Finished product images can be seen in the design and development stages.

  • Proposals for individual use environment

    Customers can choose analog/ digital, resistive single-touch/ multi-touch, and capacitive types suitable for individual purposes and environments.

  • Selectable Covering & Surface Finishing

    We offer tempered glass, plate glass and acrylic materials with clear, anti-glare, and fingerprint-resistant processing.

  • Selectable Design & Color

    Touch screen design and color can be selected to match individual customer needs.

  • A wide range of sizes

    We offer a wide range of touch screen sizes for individual business styles and environments.


Developing our own controllers enables us to customize controller FW to satisfy customer preference and optimize for specific use environments. Our wide range of available customization includes noise filtering for use in high noise environments, touch points for use by multiple users, sensitivity adjustment for gloved-hand operations, a palm rejection function for use with stylus pens, and protection against malfunctions caused by water.
  • Noise Filtering Function

    Because capacitive touch screens detect capacitance changes on the screen, they are influenced by noise from the surrounding environment. DMC provides FW noise filter adjustment services in accordance with the noise environment for factories, etc.

  • Adjusting the number of touch points

    The DUS controller handles up to 10 points, including one-touch operation, double-finger zooming, rotating operations, and simultaneous operations by multiple users. It can handle gesture operations such as flicking and zooming, and the number of touch points can be set according to purpose.

  • Sensitivity adjustment for gloved-hand operations

    DMC satisfies customer needs by offering Cover-Glass thicknesses as well as material characteristics and specifications to optimize sensitivity for the environment. Sensitive adjustment allows users to perform touch operations with gloves.

  • Palm rejection function

    The palm rejection function allows users to place their palm on the screen without interfering with operations while using a stylus pen.


Capacitive touch screens are clean, highly light transmittant, highly visible, and realize high quality image display, which make them ideal for a wide range of use environments.. To ensure durability for use by the general public in both commercial and industrial environments, workplaces exposed to direct sunlight, and situations where dust, impact, and water are factors, capacitive touch screen must also meet more exacting standards. Cover-Glasses prevent deterioration of screen appearance due to scratches and dust, and improve weather resistance, cleanability, and cleanliness.
  • Improvement of Durability

    DMC applies 5mm-thick standard or tempered glass to provide touch screens with high resistance against rough handling.

  • Flat Surface

    A Cover-Glass reduces bezel gap and realizes a firm touch to the corners of the screen.

  • Flat surface - Structure

    The flat surface structure features LCD in a casing with a gap between the LCD and touch screen created to accommodate a Cover-Glass.

  • Hard to get dirty and easy to clean

    No infiltration of water or oil. Dirty spots can be wiped off quickly. Easy to take care of.

  • Silk printing is available

    Printing in a wide range of forms available. Color schemes suitable for customers' product color are also available.

  • 06Multi-color printing is available.

    Silk and multi-color printing are available. Custom patterns and logos are also available.

  • 01Acrylic

    Weighing half of what glass does, acrylic is durable and flexible, has high transmittance, and can be cut and drilled.

  • 02Glass

    Glass is less expensive, highly scratch-resistant and is durable. Thicknesses of up to 5mm can be applied.

  • 03Tempered glass

    Tempered glass is three to five times stronger than standard glass, is stronger against scratches, and it offers the highest durability among all clear materials.


Capacitive touch screens are often used for a long period of time outdoor or under direct sunlight for industrial equipment and commercial purposes due to the materials, characteristics, and usage. To prevent the deterioration of appearance caused by scratches and dust on the surface of touch screens under such circumstances, it is recommended the use of protection films.
  • Anti-reflection Film

    Anti-reflection film reduces glare from room- or sunlight, making it ideal for improving screen visibility in environments where such light is unavoidable. The film is coated with material that inverts the phase of exposure light. Reflected light and interfering opposite waves cancel each other out to reduce reflection.

  • Without anti-fingerprint film

    Data input on touch screens can cause deterioration of visibility and appearance due to fingerprints. Application of anti-fingerprint film makes fingerprints less visible and easier to clean off. Ideal for manufacturing sites exposed to oil, and at hospitals and restaurants where hygiene is critical.

  • Without privacy film

    ATMs and other terminals require users to enter personal information or passwords. Privacy film protects against peeking at such information by making the screen visible only when viewed from directly in front.

  • Anti-bacterial Film

    Anti-bacterial film suppresses bacterial growth on the film surface (excluding mold). Ideal for food processing factories handling raw meat and fish, and hospitals and restaurants, where hygiene is critical. The anti-bacterial film has excellent surface hardness and abrasion-resistance against steel wool. It can be applied to any environment and has even anti-bacterial effects on the surface, unlike photocatalyst systems and the agents mixed with anti-bacterial materials.

Hard Coating

Most touch screens can be customized for the use under individual environments with different requirements through surface processing. We offer ideal customization to prevent fingerprints and glare for workplaces such as medical care sites where mistakes are unacceptable.
  • Anti-glare hard coating

    Anti-glare hard coating diffuses and reduces room and sunlight glare on the touch screen. This hard coating improves visibility under sunlight. Creating irregularities on the surface of touch screens and Cover-Glasses diffuses room and sunlight to reduce glare.