Capacitive multi-touch type series features touch screens that are similar to the screens commonly used on smartphones. They are capable of multi-touch gesture operations.

  • Light-touch (like smartphones) operations.

    Although designed for industrial use, the DUS Series offers smooth intuitive touch operation.

  • Multi-touch gesture operations

    Multi-touch operation supports up to 10 points. Suitable for gesture operations such as flicking and zooming.

  • High-quality finishing.

    High transparency enhances clearness compared with resistive prouducts. Clear and highly visible display.

  • Flat-surface design

    Cover-Glass reduces bezel gap and realizes flat, stylish designs. Keeps screen free of dust and water.

  • Exclusive touch screen driver

    The DMC touch driver establishes a stable mufti-monitor environment and enables functions that the standard Windows driver does not have, functions such as coordinate rotation and touch sound setup.

  • Allows gloved-hand operations.

    The DMC controller allows a range of sensitivity settings. Input can be adjusted for optimum sensitivity in environments where gloves are required.

  • Designed for use even under rough conditions.

    The DUS Series glass structure offers high durability, humidity resistance, and protection against ultra-violet rays.