Analog resistive-type touch screen series.



DMC can combine and design touch screens according to purpose. Such customization is available for both high- and low-volume production. Finished product images can be seen in the design and development stages.

  • Proposals for individual use environment

    Customers can choose analog/ digital, resistive single-touch/ multi-touch, and capacitive types suitable for individual purposes and environments.

  • Selectable Covering & Surface Finishing

    We offer tempered glass, plate glass and acrylic materials with clear, anti-glare, and fingerprint-resistant processing.

  • Selectable Design & Color

    Touch screen design and color can be selected to match individual customer needs.

  • A wide range of sizes

    We offer a wide range of touch screen sizes for individual business styles and environments.


Due to their outstanding durability and stability, our resistive touch screens are often employed for long-term use in industrial and other rough environments. In addition, there is no limitation to input method. We offer protective touch screen films to prevent scratches, buildup of dirt, and deterioration of appearance under severe use conditions. It is recommended that the protective film be replaced periodically to maintain the appearance of the touch screen clean. The protective film is self-adhesive and easy to replace by the user.
  • Protective Film

    Protective film on the touch screen prevents scratching and buildup of dirt. It is recommended that the protective film be replaced periodically to keep the appearance of the touch screen clean. The protective film is self-adhesive and easy to replace by the user. Available in the appropriate size for the active area of the touch screen, and the appearance is extremely good.

  • Overlay Film

    Our design-printed overlay film for touch screens allows the easy creation of bezel-less and stylish flat interface designs. It also prevents bezel grooves from collecting dirt.

  • Anti-reflection Film

    To improve touch screen visibility under strong room or sunlight, we customize anti-reflection measures, including application of anti-glare hard coating on ITO film, or application of add-on type anti-reflection film.

  • Privacy Film

    ATMs and other terminals require users to enter personal information or passwords. Privacy film protects against peeking at such information by making the screen visible only when viewed from directly in front.

  • Anti-bacterial Film

    Hospitals and restaurants must comply with strict hygiene standards, and food processors must have anti-bacterial measures in place. DMC offers anti-bacterial film that suppresses virus and bacteria growth on the film surface to keep the touch screen clean.

  • EMI Shield Film

    Precision medical, marine, and aircraft devices face the risk of malfunction caused by electromagnetic waves emitted from PCs and LCDs. EMI shield film reduces electromagnetic waves emitted from LCD.

Hard Coating

Most touch screens can be customized for the use under individual environments with different requirements through surface processing. We offer ideal customization to prevent fingerprints and glare for workplaces such as medical care sites where mistakes are unacceptable.

  • With fingerprint-resistant hard coating

    Fingerprints on touch screens cause deterioration of visibility and appearance. Fingerprint-resistant processing makes fingerprints less distinctive and easy to wipe off. This fingerprint-resistant hard coating is perfect for manufacturing, food processing, hospitals and restaurants that need to keep the appearance clean.

  • Anti-glare hard coating

    Anti-glare hard coating diffuses and reduces room and sunlight glare on the touch screen. This hard coating improves visibility under sunlight. Creating irregularities on the surface of touch screens and Cover-Glasses diffuses room and sunlight to reduce glare.

  • Clear hard coating

    Clear hard coating ensures high-quality product images with glossiness, transparency, and clearness. The clean, glossy screen is perfect for terminals at hospitals, restaurants and other environments that must comply with strict hygiene standards. The coating also effectively increases surface hardness to prevent scratches.

  • ANR coating

    Anti-Newton's ring (ANR) coating prevents deterioration of appearance that may often occur on resistive touch screens. Newton's ring is not a problem with touch screens employed as regular input terminals; however, when prioritizing the appearance or color distinction, anti-Newton's ring coating is the best solution.

  • What is Newton's ring?

    As reflected light on the ITO side of the top film and bottom glass interfere with each other, a rainbow-colored interference pattern (Newton's ring) occurs on analog resistive touch screens. It seldom occurs under natural or incandescent light, but occurs frequently under fluorescent lighting (especially 3-wavelength fluorescent lighting).