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Customize to fit your environment by adjusting firmware

As developing the original controller, DMC can freely customize the controller FW according to the customer's request and usage environment. For example, increasing noise filters for noisy environments, increasing number of touch points for operation by multiple people, adjusting the sensitivity for operation with a gloved-hand, palm rejection for operation with a stylus pen, water detection to prevent malfunction caused by water on the panel. DMC can offer various FW customization.

  • Touch operation over a thick acrylic panel and air gap layer

    DUSx200 controller can be adjusted in its sensitivity so that operation with an acrylic cover(Max:3mm) & air gap layer(Max:1mm) is possible. If an air gap layer is made between the touchscreen and acrylic so that the acrylic panel can removable, replacement and maintenance will be easy.

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  • Noise filter

    PCAP touch screens are easily affected by surrounding noises because they detect changes in capacitive coupling on the panel. DMC can adjust noise filters of FW in touch controller so that it can be used even in a noisy environment such as a factory.

  • Number of touch points

    Number of touch points can be adjusted up to 10 multi-touch points for operation by multiple people, and for two-finger Pinch in/out and rotation, according to the intended usage.

  • Sensitivity adjustment

    DMC adjusts the controller's sensitivity to the optimum for the usage environments as well as thickness and material of the cover layer. The sensitivity can also be adjusted for customers to be able to perform touch operations with gloved-hand.

  • Palm rejection function

    If you want to write on the touchscreen with a stylus pen, you can add a palm rejection function so that you can write with your hand on the panel.


Touchscreen Auto-calibration Tool for DUS Series

The auto-calibration tool, TPOffset must be executed before operating DMC's touch screens of capacitive multi-touch type (DUS series and EXC series) with the DUS series controller. Basically, TPOffset is necessary to be executed only once before initial use of the touch screens, and unnecessary from the second time use onward. Only if either the usage environment drastically changed or operation performance is felt to be changed, execute this application again.

Features and Functions

TPOffset is the application software for making sensitivity adjustment so that the projected capacitive touch screen can be comfortably used with DUS controller on Windows. The provided functions and its features are as below.

  • Just by executing the .exe file, automatic sensitivity adjustment will be executed to improve operability of the touch screen.
  • Once the adjusted parameters are written into ROM area in the touch screen controller IC, the same adjustment task will not have to be performed again.
Supported models

Supported models: IBM PC/AT or its compatibles

Supported operating systems: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1 (32bit/64bit), Windows 8 (32bit/64bit), Windows 8.1 (32bit/64bit),Windows 10 (32bit/64bit)

*For Linux or Android OS, please contact us


Product number Touchscreen Size Outer Dimension(mm) Voltage/ Power Consumption Interface Corresponding Cables 3D Drawing
DUS1200 7-10.1 80 x 25 5V / 75mA USB/UART(/I2C) *2 DUS-10USB *1 Download
DUS2200A 10.4 - 15 110 x 25 5V / 97mA USB/UART(/I2C) *2 DUS-10USB *1 Download
DUS3200 15.6 - 32 125 x 25 5V / 96mA USB/UART(/I2C) *2 DUS-10USB *1 Download
DUS4200 42 - 46 160 x 25 5V / 130mA USB/UART(/I2C) *2 DUS-10USB *1 -
DUS7200 49 - 55 270 x 50 5V / 220mA USB/UART(/I2C) *2 DUS-10USB *1 -
  • *1: 1.8m connection cable for USB
  • *2: Firmware customization is required for I2C interface. Please contact us for detials.


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