Touchscreen Solutions

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  • Touchscreen
    Cover-Glass/ Acrylic

    No MOQ required, quick & low cost, can be delivered immediately

  • Touchscreen
    With Cover-Glass

    Equires no development costs, is quick and economical

  • Touchscreenl
    Functional Films

    Various functional films and coatings, size/color can be changed

  • Touchscreen
    LCD Bonding

    Solution service for laminating touchscreens and LCD modules

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Touchscreen with Cover-Glass

  • DUS-LA
    Glass sensor adopted Type with Cover-Glass
  • DUS-F
    Adoption of film sensor Type with Cover-Glass

Functional films

  • Anti-Viral/ Bacterial
    Inhibiting the Growth of Bacteria and Specific Viruses
  • Overlay
    Bezel-less for a Variety of Designs
  • EMI Shield
    Reduce the Effects of Electromagnetic/ Radio Waves
  • Privacy Filter
    Prevents Prying eyes and Protects privacy
  • Anti-Reflection
    Prevents Reflections and Reduces screen glare
  • UV Protection
    Prevents Screen degradation due to Sun exposure
  • Anti-Fingerprint
    Fingerprint Resistant and Unobtrusive
  • Protection
    Protects the Touchscreen from Scratches and Dirt
  • Anti-Newton ring
    Reduce the Occurrence of Newton Rings

Search by Application, Scene, or Purpose

  • Outdoor Visibility
    Improved visibility by reducing sunlight reflection
  • Operate Greasy Hands
    It also prevents cracks when dropped
  • Flat Surface
    Reproducing Membrane Switches in Print
  • Reduce Virus Infection
    Just stick it on the control surface, easy to install
  • Block out the noise
    In an environment, equip-malfunction is not tolerated
  • Preventing info-leaks
    Protecting your privacy in public places
  • Outdoor Deterioration
    Protect equipment from the Effects of UV rays
  • Cut off Strong-Sunlight
    Significantly blocks incident light for a clearer screen
  • Always a Clean Image
    Prevents oil and grease from sticking and wipes off easily
  • Ensures indoor visibility
    Suppresses flickering from interference fringes