Cover-glass / Covered-Acrylic

Touchscreen Cover-glass & acrylic

A "Cover-Glass" to protect the Display and Touchscreen

We provide a one-stop designed service with options such as larger screens of HMI, procurement of glass, anti-reflection and antifouling.

Customize the Cover-glass

Since capacitive touchscreens are high light transmittance and visibility, they tend to be used in environments touched by unspecified number of people, commercial and industrial equipment, sites where they are exposed to light, dust, shock, and water. In such environments, the use of cover glass is recommended to improve the appearance of the touchscreen surface due to scratches and stains, as well as to improve its weather resistance, cleanliness, and ease of cleaning.

  • Improving durability

    By adopting thicker glass such as 10mm or strengthened glass, we can provide a touchscreen with high durability against external violence.

  • Acrylic

    More transparent than glass, and can be cut and drilled. Half as light as glass, highly resistant to cracking and flexible.

  • Glass

    Low cost, yet scratch resistant and with a certain level of durability. The glass can be affixed up to 10mm thick. (Conditions vary depending on the size.)

  • Strengthened glass

    It is three to five times stronger than ordinary glass. It is more scratch resistant than glass and has the highest durability of any other material.

  • Flat Surface

    The flat surface structure features LCD in a casing with a gap between the LCD and touch screen created to accommodate a Cover-Glass.

  • Silk/multicolor printing is possible

    Silk and multi-color printing are available. Printing in a wide range of forms, custom patterns and logos are also available.

What do you mind with cover glass customize?

Cover glass customization is an indispensable service for creating original products, such as chemical strengthening, decorating, surface processing, external processing, etc., to suit various environments.

  • POINT 1

    Additional considerations for design & spec
  • POINT 2

    Drawing, verification and approval work
  • POINT 3

    Time consuming in print plate creation
  • POINT 4

    Separate glass order/MOQ will be charged
Touchscreen image with cover glass01

Benefits of DMC cover glass

Touchscreen image with cover glass01

With a DMC cover glass, you can choose from a wide range of standard touchscreens always in stock, giving you the free choice and quality improvements that you had previously given up on, all at a low cost and in a short amount of time. Additional customization as a base is also possible, which speeds up development and can be considered in conjunction with higher demands.

  • POINT 1

    Simple framed design in black vessel
  • POINT 2

    Improved durability with strengthened glass
  • POINT 3

    Always in stock and always ready to use
  • POINT 4

    Delivery time compression, cost savings