Touchscreen UV Block Film
  • UV Cut Series Image
  • UV Cut Film
    Prevents Reflections and Reduces screen glare
    Resistive Type

    This film prevents the touchscreen, cover, and LCD from browning and deteriorating due to sunlight, fluorescent light, and backlight irradiation.

Prevent screen deterioration due to sunburn

The UV-cut film suppresses UV rays from outside light, sunlight, and backlighting to prevent the touchscreen from deteriorating or browning due to sunburn. The film has a two-layered structure with a UV-cut layer and a UV-absorbing layer that blocks UV rays from inside and outside. It is ideal for use in semi-outdoor or indoor environments near windows where the sun shines in the west and for handy terminals that are carried outdoors.

* For environments and applications that are exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, consider using a Capacitive Touchscreen that is not affected by ultraviolet light, although it can reduce the impact of ultraviolet light.

Types of Ultraviolet

  • Type Wavelength (distance) Characteristics
    UVA Long-wavelength UV
    (320 - 400nm)
    Light reaching the surface of the earth.
    UVB Medium-Wavelength Ultraviolet
    (280 - 320nm)
    Some of the light that reaches the earth's surface. Most is absorbed by the ozone layer.
    UVA Medium-Wavelength Ultraviolet
    (100 - 280nm)
    Does not reach the surface and is absorbed by the ozone layer.