Respect for human rights

Respect for Human Rights

DMC considers it our responsibility to respect the rights and individuality of all stakeholders throughout all group companies.
Human rights issues related to global business activities have come more to the forefront in recent years, and this has accelerated the promotion of protections in international frameworks. In line with the corporate philosophy of promoting happiness throughout society, DMC has strived to expand its business globally. In response to global issues related to human rights, DMC established its Human Rights Policy in 2017 in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We place a priority on respecting the human rights of all employees and other stakeholders under the International Bill of Human Rights, and the Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work by the International Labor Organization (ILO).
Specifically, we established our Procurement Policy and Sustainability Procurement Guidelines to promote thorough understanding of human rights protection among all suppliers as well as to guide appropriate actions against the potential impact of our business activities on human rights and eliminate behaviors that violate human rights, including forced labor and child labor.

Human Rights Policy

In accordance with the corporate philosophy of “achieving sustainable growth while promoting happiness throughout society,” DMC strives to realize a sustainable society through its business while taking account of social and environmental issues. In order to do so, we place a priority on our responsibility to protect human rights.

Corporate responsibility to protect human rights

We understand the significance of our corporate responsibility to promote the protection of human rights, to protect stakeholders' rights and individuality, and to provide a safe, secure and comfortable working environment.

The DMC Human Rights Policy conforms to the International Bill of Human Rights and the Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work by the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Responsibility for human rights protection applies to all executives and employees at DMC and its affiliated companies. We also require all our suppliers and business partners to protect human rights. If human rights are violated, we take prompt and appropriate action.

Fulfillment of our responsibility to protect human rights

DMC promotes human rights protections in accordance with the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights specified by the United Nations.

DMC has established human rights due diligence processes to identify DMC business that impacts human rights and strives to reduce or prevents human rights violations. DMC continues examining the effects of such measures to respond to the potential or actual influence on and risk of human rights efficiently.

In the event that DMC business activities cause a negative impact on human rights, either directly or indirectly, it shall strive to address the issue immediately through appropriate action.

DMC follows the laws and regulations of the regions where it conducts business activities.

In the event that there is a contradiction among internationally adopted human rights conventions and laws and regulations in individual countries and regions, DMC strives to follow international principles of human rights protection.

DMC provides appropriate education and enlightenment to implement this basic policy into its business activities.

We also discuss responses to potential and actual impact on human rights with stakeholders.

DMC discloses the progress and results of its approaches to human rights protection on its website and reports.

Supplementary Provisions Regarding Labor

Prohibition of Forced Labor and Child Labor

DMC respects the free will of all employees and prohibits forced labor. DMC provides employment conditions in advance in the language that the relevant employee prefers. DMC does not require any employee to surrender his/her passport, official ID card, or work permit.

Appropriate Working Hours

DMC does not ask any employee to work in excess of the maximum weekly working hours specified by local laws and regulations. DMC provides each employee at least one holiday per week.

Securing Rights of Employees

DMC respects the individual employee’s freedom of association, freedom to join or not join the union, right to collective bargaining and peaceful assembly in accordance with local laws and regulations. DMC promotes direct communication between individual employees and top management without fear of discrimination, revenge, threat, or harassment. DMC prohibits the illegal firing of any employee.

Fair and Equitable Recruitment

We recruit individuals based on their aptitude and abilities without regard to nationality, ethnicity, thinking or beliefs, religion, physical disability, gender, gender identity, or sexual preference to provide job opportunities for a wide variety of people. We also have systems in place to provide fair wages and benefits in consideration of human rights.

Prohibition of Forced Labor and Child Labor

When recruiting individuals, we confirm age to prevent child labor. At our DMC factory in Indonesia, which has a high risk of child labor, we require all employees to submit documents to confirm their age. In addition, DMC prohibits forced labor, secures appropriate working hours, and develops a work environment based on respect for the culture in each location. At the Shirakawa Factory, we built a prayer room equipped with space for ritual ablution and provide prayer times for Muslim employees.

Prevention of Discrimination and Harassment

DMC respects the personality of individual employees and strives to prevent discrimination or harassment. We are focusing on education, such as conducting self-checks and training on harassment, for managers and those in higher positions who especially need the right knowledge and skills to respond appropriately. In addition, since January 2021, we have been sending out monthly e-mails to all employees with lectures on our corporate philosophy and moral improvement, as well as implementing questionnaire surveys to understand in-house conditions. Results were also sent to all employees. In FY2021, we conducted face-to-face moral training, which was attended by 60% of all employees, especially those working at the plants, to deepen their understanding.

Installation of a Human Rights Reporting & Consultation Desk

DMC has established a whistleblowing desk to provide appropriate and prompt responses to reports and consultations regarding human rights to prevent the risk of violations. In June 2020, we also established an external consultation desk, which received three consultations during the year. When receiving a report or consultation at the whistleblowing desk, we interview related persons, check the facts, and establish a disciplinary committee if necessary to decide how to proceed.

Training on Human Rights

In addition to human rights and compliance training for new employees, we conduct study sessions on social issues related to human rights and domestic and international trends for management including department managers.