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Considering the current conditions caused by COVID-19

DMC has provided a wide variety of convenient touchscreens in manufacturing, healthcare, finance, transportation, advertising, and many other fields. In FY2020, due to the increasing spread of COVID-19, we encountered stagnation in the demand for touchscreens in the field of industrial equipment, which is our area of expertise. However, since December 2020, when the market that had been stagnant because of the trade frictions between the U.S. and China and recession in the semiconductor industry gradually started moving forward, receipt of orders significantly increased, which minimized the damage.

COVID-19 significantly affected global markets. However, in such unpredictable times, we must also be able to promptly identify market trends in order to grow our business. DMC considers this critical moment as an important opportunity, and has placed a priority on research and development of touchscreens with additional value. One of them is a touchless panel whose demand has drastically grown in the midst of the pandemic. We are also developing hybrid products with dual functions such as touch and touchless touchscreens that can be used as touchless touchscreens in simple operations such as reception at restaurants and banks while being used as regular touchscreens in more complex and individualized operations such as placing orders.

DMC technology will increase its presence in healthcare, IoT and other advanced fields of technology. Flexibility is required to identify and respond to emerging trends in a rapidly changing society and in rapidly changing times. Manufacturing a wide variety of touchscreens in small lots, DMC continues to respond to diverse customer needs rapidly and accurately.

Going carbon neutral with eco-friendly production methods

Society has been undergoing significant change and people’s awareness of the environment has grown increasingly high. In the electronics industry, approaches to realization of a carbon neutral society by 2050 have been accelerated. DMC is also placing a priority on reducing CO2 emissions throughout the Group.

The manufacture of our products requires a significant amount of electricity. We place a priority on shifting to production methods that minimize the use of electricity to reduce CO2 emissions. For example, the etching process used to remove unnecessary thin films using agents when forming printed circuit board patterns requires a significant amount of electricity. Replacing the process with the laser thin-film removal makes it possible to reduce electricity consumption. At the same time, this can reduce the use and emission of harmful substances such as agents and waste liquid, which leads to a cleaner and safer work environment for operators.

Prioritizing the concept of securing long-term stable supply

We also consider reinforcement of the BCP to be one of the most urgent issues in maintaining our ability to respond rapidly to the outbreak of infections, the occurrence of natural disasters caused by global warming, and a wide range of other risks. In February 2021, due to floods caused by heavy rains in Indonesia, our product base had to suspend operations for about two months. Because this occurred along with the COVID-19 crisis, we felt the urgent need to review our supply chain throughout the Group. Returning to the principle of securing long-term stable supply, we are improving production systems both at home and abroad to deliver high-quality products to customers even under difficult circumstances.

We have taken preventive measures against COVID-19 since the early stage, measures such as checking the temperature of individual employees, reducing contact with others, and limiting entry to factories. Our preventive measures have helped us to minimize COVID infections, maintain production line operations, and avoid significant problems. The thorough infection control regimen implemented at the Shirakawa Factory in Fukushima has enabled us to maintain operations without experiencing any cases of COVID-19.

Increasing manpower through human resource cultivation both at home and abroad

The key to the global expansion of business is ensuring that the strength of employees at overseas bases is reflected to group companies. We are planning to restart the one-year training system in Japan for employees in Indonesia, which has been suspended due to COVID-19, to increase the manpower.

We also place a priority on cultivating human resources at our bases in Japan. The Shirakawa Factory promotes thorough in-house education and job rotation to cultivate competent engineers. In FY2020, a teenage employee that transferred from the manufacturing division to the design division in his second year at DMC has steadily learned skills as a design engineer, which we believe is an outstanding result of our job rotation promotion system. The Shirakawa Factory has also promoted recruitment of high school graduates in the local region, which contributes to regional employment.

Along with the effective use of senior employees and support measures for female staff, we also continue our efforts to ensure a work environment that enables diverse employees with different ideas, languages, religions, and cultures to work together and exercise their capabilities.

Establishing strong relationships with all stakeholders

Society will continue changing with increasing speed. In order to continuously grow as a company providing solutions for businesses and daily life based on touchscreens, it is important for us to perceive changes in society and be flexible in meeting the needs created by such changes.

To realize this, it is essential for us to establish strong relationships with all stakeholders, including affiliated companies. One company can no longer achieve goals alone. While not insisting on the growth and expansion of our business, we should prioritize deepening communication and moving forward with DMC Group companies, customers, supply chains, employees, shareholders, people in the communities and local governments to establish a stable and sustainable business environment. COVID-19 has prevented me from visiting factories and being able to communicate with employees. However, we use web conferences, and continue to seek new ways of communication to deepen understanding with one another.

We continue performing individual missions to realize fulfilling lives and a sustainable society for all.