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Leveraging our strong corporate culture to create a better future
for customers even in critical circumstances
Challenge Today for an Exciting Tomorrow.

Technical strength capable of meeting diverse customer needs.

DMC began business as a manufacturer and seller of artwork materials for printed-circuit boards (PCB), major components of electronic devices, and later added a wide variety of semiconductor-related products responding changes in social needs and trends. DMC has shifted its major business to touchscreens for industrial equipment as it has grown into a global company exporting approximately 40% of its total production overseas.

Touchscreens offer convenience and comfort in business and various areas of our daily lives in applications such asdigital signage, KIOSK, and medical devices. Manufacturing a wide variety of touchscreens in small lots, DMC has earned customer trust with its specialized technologies and well-developed customer support tailored to their diversified needs.

Facing challenges leads to expanding possibilities

Although the demand for multi-language touchscreens was expected to grow greatly in response to inbound effects from the TOKYO 2020 Olympics and Paralympics Games, it has instantly declined due to the spread of COVID-19. Manufacturing around the globe has slowed significantly, and this has decreased demand for industrial-use touchscreens, our major product.

No one imagined as our excitement built for the upcoming Olympic games that the world would face such a serious crisis. Through the tireless efforts of our employees, DMC has overcome unprecedented setbacks, including the Great East Japan Earthquake. Facing the challenge of sudden changes in society due to COVID-19, DMC has realized the importance of promptly determining its direction in order to effectively deploy its strengths and take timely action. We also view this critical state as an opportunity to improve our technological strength and potential.

Based on the corporate philosophy of “striving to achieve sustainable growth while promoting happiness throughout society” that DMC has followed since its foundation, we continue to place a priority on overcoming the current difficulties by leveraging our strong corporate culture.

Achieving dreams through great partnerships

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, the safety of direct contact with touchscreens has become a concern. DMC is actively considering step-by-step solutions to address this concern, which we anticipate will require our continued attention even after the COVID-19 pandemic is brought under control. We are now developing anti-bacterial and anti-virus films that can be applied to touchscreens as we prepare for the direct implementation of anti-virus materials into device components. We are also currently developing screens that operate without the need for direct contact. These leading-edge touchscreens are being developed in cooperation with Seedsware Corporation, a member of USCO Group to which DMC also belongs. Seedsware Corporation develops and manufactures applied products for touchscreens. We aim to jointly develop high added-value solutions that offer both safety and convenience by moving beyond the conventional idea that touchscreens need to be touched to operate.

While COVID-19 has created challenges that need to be overcome to ensure safety, the progress of ICT and implementation of 5G have increased our ability to meet increasingly diversified and complex social needs. In these challenging times, increasing cooperation through partnerships is the key to expanding opportunity. Enhancing partnerships with local governments and companies specializing in different fields, DMC is able to integrate know-how and technology to make the impossible possible.

Achieving a better future for everyone

DMC issued its first CSR Report in 2017 and has placed priority on unifying its business and CSR. Our CSR activities have just begun; however, our employees have become aware of the importance of social contributions through our business activities and have already been achieving outstanding results. In FY2019, DMC introduced its first female manager. In October of the same year, the Shirakawa Factory was opened. This new factory features equipment designed to improve both the natural and working environment as well as production efficiency and cost performance. We are steadily working to improve of our CSR activities.

As we continue to grow together, DMC searches for ways to apply touchscreen technology to increase the happiness of all our stakeholders and the society we are proud to serve, contributing to progress by anticipating changes and needs while we explore a better future for everyone.