Contribution to Regional Society

Contribution to Regional Society

DMC is involved in the vitalization of regional society, the restoration of areas damaged by natural disasters, and social contribution activities centering on the cultivation of the next generation to realize a sustainable society.
DMC has factories in Japan and Indonesia with a head office in Tokyo and business bases in Osaka. Based on recognition of the importance of deepening communication with residents in the community and establishing favorable relationships for the further expansion of our business, we promote cooperation with local governments and companies to contribute to the development of regional society and fulfill our responsibility as a corporate citizen.

Social Contribution Activities in Japan

  • In order to pass on the lessons of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident to future generations, a volunteer project has been underway since 2011 to plant 99,000 cherry trees on a mountain in Tairanakakabeya, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture. The number 99 means eternity in Chinese and it is hoped the project will create the world's most famous cherry blossom viewing spot. As a result of the relationship with our factory in Hamadori, Fukushima Prefecture, 12 employees participated in the tree-planting event held in April 2022.

    In addition, we continue to engage in community-based activities, such as monthly community cleanups and fundraising for volunteer activities to support those affected by the torrential rainstorms that happened in August 2021.

    In addition, since 2019, DMC has participated in the “eyecity eco project” organized by HOYA CORPORATION’s Eye Care Company to collect empty contact lens cases. Empty cases collected by DMC are recycled into polypropylene at recycling plants and are then used to produce a wide variety of products. Furthermore, the profit from recycled products are donated to the Japan Eye Bank Association. In FY2021, approximately 4.63 kg of empty cases were collected.

Social Contribution Activities in Indonesia

  • The flooding that occurred in February 2021 affected our Indonesia Factory as well as our employees residing in the region. We raised approximately 300,000 yen through a fundraising campaign to support employees working at the factory in the affected area. We also conducted a fundraising campaign to support victims of the December 2021 Mt. Semeru eruption (Java, Indonesia) and sent 1,269,000 yen directly to 455 families affected by the volcanic eruption.

  • A residential area buried in volcanic ash
  • An evacuation shelter
  • Distributing food to those affected by the disaster